1500 Dakota Street
Potential Commercial Redevelopment

Landmark Planning & Design has been retained to lead an engagement process for
a potential commercial redevelopment on a 6.4-acre property at 1500 Dakota Street (River Park Village).

Preferred Design Concept – November 2022

At the November 14th Riel Community Committee meeting, the Zoning Agreement Amendment and Conditional Use applications for the site were approved. The Project Team has committed to conducting public engagement as part of the Plan Approval process and will be reaching out to stakeholders as part of this process.

An updated “preferred” concept was submitted to the Riel Community Committee prior to the Public Hearing. The key changes made since the Second Round of Engagement Meetings include:

  1. The removal of the drive-through from Building B
  2. Confirming the location and orientation of the Dollarama (Building C)
  3. Replacing the existing garbage bins in the southwest corner of the site with in-ground style garbage bins
  4. Confirming a 10ft setback along the south property line with plantings

Other mitigation measures include

  • All minimum requirements for new plantings on site will be met or exceeded as part of the Plan Approval process
  • As part of the overall site refresh fencing and plantings will be enhanced and replaced along the west and south site boundaries
  • The patios will be buffered with fencing and landscape elements
  • The Side Yard along the south property line (closest to Wydnstone Place) will be a landscaped buffer running towards the southwest corner of the parcel
  • Parking will not be included at the SW corner of the site
  • All new garbage bins will be in-ground style “Molok” bins
  • Improved lighting will be installed
  • Substantial landscaping will be incorporated along the site’s periphery and adjacent to new buildings
  • Additional and improved pedestrian connections will be provided throughout and at the edges of the proposed development


Please take a few minutes to fill out this comment sheet; your feedback is important to us: