St. Norbert Development

Background Information

Project Updates:
(Last Updated: February 12, 2020)

  • The project team is assembled and includes urban planners, architects, a landscape architect, economists, biologists, archaeologists, engineers and surveyors among others.
  • The team will spend the next 4-6 months speaking with neighbours and conducting due diligence in order to prepare possible site development options.
  • Initial meetings were held February 3th and 4th to open dialogue with property owners and residents immediately adjacent to the site.
  • A community wide meeting is planned for March 5, 2020. (See poster under "Downloads" for more information.)
  • No development application has been submitted.

Project Description:
Landmark Planning and Design has been retained by Tochal Developments to undertake a public engagement and land use planning process to consider development options for a 22.5-acre piece of land in St. Norbert generally bounded by the Red River,  the Laureate Academy, the Behavioural Health Foundation and residents along Lemay Avenue. A series of development options will be considered later in the public engagement and planning process.  The site poses a number of sensitive considerations including existing trees, historic uses, site servicing restrictions, and existing adjacent land uses.