St. Norbert Development

Background Information

Project Description:

Landmark Planning and Design has been retained by Tochal Developments to undertake a public engagement and land use planning process to consider development options for a 22.5-acre piece of land in St. Norbert generally bounded by the Red River,  the Laureate Academy, the Behavioural Health Foundation and residents along Lemay Avenue. A series of development options will be considered later in the public engagement and planning process.  The site poses a number of sensitive considerations including existing trees, historic uses, site servicing restrictions, and existing adjacent land uses.


Project Updates:

Latest Update: August 8, 2020

  • No City of Winnipeg rezoning applications have been submitted;
  • Biological inventory work is on-going;
  • An archeological study has been initiated - field investigations will likely be occurring the week of August 10, 2020;
  • A traffic impact study is on-going;
  • Site servicing studies are nearing completion;
  • The owner continues to work towards donating a portion of his land to the City beyond what the City would normally require to create a Forest Preserve;
  • The Behavioural Health Foundation has indicated they do not wish to participate in a shared naturalized retention pond. The owner would build such a pond on his land if approved for development;
  • The team is continuing discussions with Laureate Academy.

May 5, 2020

Project work has been relatively quiet out of respect for the Covid-19 challenges:

  • As previously committed, no City of Winnipeg rezoning applications have been submitted;

  • As activities begin to open back up in Winnipeg, our engagement process will continue going forward for those who wish to participate; we will be looking for ways to speak with people that meet the rule and spirit of government regulations for meeting;

  • The owner is currently looking at the potential of donating a portion of his land to the City to create a Forest Preserve that would be owned by the City.

  • The team is working with the Behavioural Health Foundation to see if they might benefit from working together to create a naturalized retention pond. The pond could create a very nice amenity for the area and would benefit both landowners to correct existing drainage problems with both sites.

  • The team has previously approached Laureate Academy to discuss the project and will continue to do so.

  • The team is continuing to work with other professionals to conduct due diligence before site plan options could be established. This work includes a biological inventory (Native Plant Solutions has been conducting animal surveys and will continue into the summer), archeological study, traffic impact study, site servicing study, project construction costing/phasing and a general market review.
  • The current thinking is to propose an ‘age-in-place’ type facility that could benefit the community and more, with independent living, assisted living and even memory care living. This kind of facility would allow for greater preservation and present lower traffic volumes than general market housing.

  • We will notify the neighbourhood of future meetings as they arise. We will use emails as provided by individuals, we will notify community groups with their respective email networks and we will post notice on our website.  If you wish to be added to the email list, please send an email request to

February 12, 2020

  • The project team is assembled and includes urban planners, architects, a landscape architect, economists, biologists, archaeologists, engineers and surveyors among others.
  • The team will spend the next 4-6 months speaking with neighbours and conducting due diligence in order to prepare possible site development options.
  • Initial meetings were held February 3th and 4th to open dialogue with property owners and residents immediately adjacent to the site.
  • A community wide meeting is planned for March 5, 2020. (See poster under "Downloads" for more information.)
  • No development application has been submitted.