Precinct G

Background Information

Since late 2015, Landmark Planning has been working with landowners, stakeholders, residents, and the City of Winnipeg to develop a Plan for the area known as Precinct G. In January 2019, the Plan was approved by City Council. A Precinct Plan is a document created to guide the development of new communities. It includes policies and maps that illustrate and define how the new community will grow in terms of major infrastructure, land-use, and recreation spaces. It acts as the foundation upon which the new community (Precinct G) will eventually grow. The purpose of the Precinct G Precinct Plan is to ensure development occurs in a logical, integrated manner, which will result in new neighbourhoods of high quality. With the Plan now in place, landowners can apply to the City of Winnipeg to rezone and subdivide their lands in order to develop new neighbourhoods.