Brandon First Street Bridge

Background Information

The First Street Bridge in Brandon, Manitoba, was built over 40 years ago in 1972 and is an important north-south link over the Assiniboine River and the CPR mainline tracks.

Initially set as rehabilitation project, preliminary design work found that both the girders and substructure would require strengthening and the piers adjacent to the rail line would require protection. A public consultation process was undertaken with major stakeholders and the general public to explore the proposed rehabilitation and replacement options. Special interests included City of Brandon, School Division Transportation, Emergency Services, Active Transportation users, Manitoba Trucking Association, and others. After careful consideration it was determined that the benefits to replace the bridge outweighed those to rehabilitate. A recommendation for two new bridge structures has moved the project forward to replace the existing Assiniboine River Bridge on PTH 1A. Project construction is targeted to begin late 2015 and will take approximately 2 years to complete.